Luxury wedding dress. What is the difference?

Luxury wedding dress. What is the difference?

The most important event in your life, the wedding, will happen very soon. This is an event that happens once in a lifetime, and everyone treats this event as carefully as possible, you need to calculate everything and analyze everything to any detail, from invitation cards for guests to the venue, isn’t it? And one of the most important moments of preparation for the bride is the choice of a wedding dress for her. Usually this question takes the greatest amount of time and nerves, because you want so much once in your life to feel not only the best for the groom, you even want to become the most enviable bride!

Did you recognize yourself? Congratulations, you have come to the right address! If you are the one who wants to stand out among the other brides, be more beautiful, more unique, and be in a unique dress – we will be happy to help you with this and we will be happy to sew Luxury wedding dress just for you!

Luxury wedding dresses are a segment that is popular among Hollywood and other world stars, unlike ordinary wedding dresses. You must admit that the stars are just those people who always strive to be unique in everything!

And why? Because they understand: it happen once in a lifetime, for them, the best, need the best photos for memory (and how can the best photos do without the best dress?), they need to emphasize their grandeur, their individuality and originality, and the best way do it – looks awesome!

Take for example the wedding dress of Kim Kardashian:

This is the same dress, at the sight of which all the American schoolgirls sighed. Perhaps they represented themselves in Kim’s place. A fish-style dress with an incredibly long train, ruffles from the most expensive tulle, a beautiful open neckline and an open back added value to the image and the whole dress looks like a million. Here you will find such dresses (and even better) in the section of Godet dresses.

The next example is Kate Middleton, whose dress is the most recognizable.

Three-meter cable, modest neckline and discreet tailoring of the A-silhouette created an incredible tandem. The British traditions were by no means violated, and at the same time Kate looked majestically, wasn’t she?

And it is not necessary to refer to the most expensive wedding seamstresses of the world, because in the section of A-silhouette dresses with long sleeves you can choose your own dress, which even Kate Middleton would envy.

Amal Clooney became another bright bearer of one of the most expensive dresses of the world. Also, the A-line dress, with an incredibly beautiful neckline, a concise and stylish dress of Chantilly lace, with beads and rhinestones looks just amazing! And what did you expect from the future wife of the most enviable groom George Clooney?

As you know: Ivanka Trump’s idol was Grace Kelly, so it’s not strange that she wanted a wedding dress like herself! Modest, discreet, and at the same time feminine and light, made of tulle and lace! No pathos, only a keen eye and a delicate taste! Here it is, the recipe for a truly gorgeous dress: simplicity and beauty.

And you are incredibly lucky, because we will help you to create a similar (but much better, because it is yours) dress from the Luxury segment! Only high-quality raw materials of imported suppliers, Chantilly laces, beads, any accessories – all to your taste! Contact us and you will see for yourself!