Our story

The “Choice of Ukraine 2018”

Our Feya Bridal Company that deals with creating “premium” class wedding dresses has been honored with the prestigious “Choice of Ukraine 2018” prize, which shows the high quality of our work.

This is one of our best prizes that symbolizes Your trust and demonstrates Your wish to obtain the “premium” class wedding gowns that will be discussed by Your guests even after your wedding.

What does this prize mean?

The “Choice of Ukraine 2018” is the National independent business prize whose aim is to define the best goods and services in different spheres of the economic performance of the country and then to make them popular on the Ukrainian market.

For our manufacturing Feya Bridal Company this prize means display of three main characteristics that we have always demonstrated to our clients:

  • The high-quality standard;
  • The status of leadership and reliability in our sphere;
  • The image of the company.

This medal is a qualitative advantage to choose exactly our Feya Bridal Company.

Feya Bridal is an unusual wedding dresses manufacturer from Ukraine. We provide our clients with a wide range of “premium” class goods that will help the bride make the happiest day in her life even more memorable.

Have you decided to appoint the date of your wedding? Do not delay buying a dress! It may not be the centerpiece that you should do before the wedding, but it cannot be called the last thing in the list.

The dresses of our Feya Bridal trademark have taken part in bridal markets in the USA, Southern Africa etc. The excellent appearance is an inevitable thing we have already provided our brides with for 18 years. Every bride became unforgettable and gathered all the views on her special day.

About our collections

The Feya Bridal staff always follows the wedding fashion tendencies. We have managed to create 4 unique collections; each of them houses genuinely “premium” products that are bought by bride worldwide.
Following the tendencies of our industry, we have decided to keep to 4 simple rules:

Following the tendencies of our industry, we have decided to keep to 4 simple rules:

• Simplicity and freedom. A little splendor, the lightness of dresses, and also the emphasis (creative embroidery, neckline, backline according to customer’s wishes).
• Color range. Pure white, ivory, peach, powder tones.
• Lace. It is an integral part of a dress. Earlier these attributes were too much; nevertheless, nowadays the trend is tender lace with satisfying pattern.
• Sleeves. They start becoming popular, but we still can offer the options with straps or strapless at all. However, now sleeves from short to long are ultrafashionable, fascinating and individual.

Our Achievements

Yes! We work with the brides from all over the world, and every dress bought is always adjusted to the bride’s measurements, and this makes our work more important and pleasant, and brides remain happy during the whole way of their wedding preparations.

Our manufacturer has managed to become a part of the international market. We are appreciated and honored with prizes on various exhibitions.

Thanks to our elaborations, Feya Bridal has gained the “Choice of Ukraine 2018” prize. This is our next achievement we can be proud of.

Choose the best things for yourself! Contact us, and we will assist you with pleasure!