Selection of a wedding bouquet


The image of the bride begins with the choice of attire, then accessories, hairstyle, makeup are selected. A wedding bouquet is one of the last stages, but it performs a very important function of combining all the elements into a single ensemble. The range of floral arrangements is huge, and in the spring it is not difficult to get one that fits in size and color to your image.


The following forms of bouquets for brides are popular now:

– Round. Suitable for a lush dress or ball gowns.

– Cascade. It will decorate silhouette outfits and models with a train.

– In the form of a fan. This unusual shape will be the perfect option for the bride in an extravagant dress.


When choosing a bouquet, special attention should be paid to the aromas of flowers. Sometimes spring buds have a strong, overly obsessive scent. If the bride has an increased susceptibility to sharp aromas, it is better not to use these flowers. For example, in some cases, peony, lily, freesia, lilac, lily of the valley, rose can cause a headache or even an allergy.


A good rule for a thoughtful bouquet for a celebration is the minimum amount of smell emanating from it. The bride will have to spend more than one hour with him, a harsh or unusual scent can become an extra irritant.